How to Prepare Your Diamond for Sale

It is commonly known that when you want to sell your house, you should do some prep work such as touch up paint, clean up thoroughly and add little touches to make it feel homey. Well, when you sell your diamond, there are similar steps you can take to put your best foot forward and make sure you set yourself up for the best possible price.  Here is our advice on how to prepare your diamond for sale and get the best price possible:

  • Get any supporting documents in order.  It often helps the selling process if you have paperwork about your diamond.  Appraisals, original receipts and especially diamond certifications ensure that you and the diamond buyer are speaking the same language and are on the same page regarding the size and quality of your diamond.   Those documents aren’t necessary to get a great price but get them ready because they can help the sale go smoother, faster and potentially with an even better result.
  • Clean the ring!  Even a quick bath will help, using some over-the-counter jewelry cleaner and a soft brush or cloth.   Diamonds and rings can get fairly smudged or dirty when worn, even from hand soap and hand cream.  You wouldn’t want dirt to be mistaken for an inclusion in your diamond so give it a quick bath before showing it to a buyer.  Even better, bring it to a jeweler so they can check it and give it a more professional cleaning using ultrasonic baths and steam cleaners.  A truly qualified buyer will want to know how much the diamond shines so put your best foot forward with a sparkling clean ring.
  • Prepare yourself mentally.  Unfortunately, insurance appraisals don’t always represent the cash value of your diamond to an interested buyer.  Why?  Because the insurance value is typically the retail replacement of a new diamond.  Hopefully you will be very happy with any offer you receive but prepare yourself to be realistic in your expectations and, if you can’t sell to someone you trust, shop around until you understand what the market is for selling a diamond like yours.

Good luck and if you are an interested in a free diamond value estimate from us, please fill out the form on this page or call us toll free at 855.296.6898