Sell your diamond from the comfort of your home with 4 simple steps.

1. Complete Our Free Evaluation Form

2. Receive a Fair Offer For Your Diamond

3. Send Us Your Item Via Free and Insured Packaging

4. We Inspect the Item and Send You Payment

Farewell Diamond was created to help you get the best value on your ring, as discreetly and as quickly as possible.

To begin, you can either call our customer service associations at 855-296-6898 or complete the brief form on the right. If possible, we will give you an estimated value based on the description you provide. In some cases however, we will need to see the diamond to make even a preliminary offer.

We will send you a shipping package with packing materials and shipping label along with detailed instructions how to safely send us your diamond and paperwork.

PLEASE NOTE THE FOLLOWING, IMPORTANT INSURANCE INFORMATION. To protect the package you send to us, Farewell Diamond uses a third party insurer and a leading global insurance and security company, G4S. That means the shipping carrier company, Federal Express, will not be told the value of your item and the delivery staff will not know the insured contents of your package. By using a third party insurer and keeping the value of your package confidential, this better protects your item and helps reduce the risk of theft. However, your package is fully insured to the mutually agreed upon value by Farewell Diamond and you can request proof of insurance prior to shipping a package to us by calling our toll free number or emailing To learn more about G4S, please click here.

When we receive the package, we open it and inspect it in our secure environment. Our certified gemologists will quickly examine your diamond to determine the quality, color, clarity, carat weight, cut, plus any wear and tear or damage such as chips or abrasions. If the diamond is set into a ring, we assess the value of the metal and any side diamonds as well. We will never remove the diamond from the ring setting without your permission. We will then contact you to communicate our offer, which will then be valid for 5 days. If you accept, we will send you a company check by USPS mail. If you do not accept our offer, we will return the jewelry to you in the same condition and we hope you will contact us again in the future. Your diamond is insured when you send it to us and when we return it to you. Please see our Terms & Conditions for more details.

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