When’s The Right Time To Sell Your Engagement Ring After Divorce?

Moving on after divorce can be difficult, especially when some of your possessions bring up any unpleasant memories. It’s important that as you try to move on with your life, you start by getting rid of these reminders of the past.

Often times, an engagement ring or ring can be the hardest items to part with. This was once the symbol of your eternal love, and now that the relationship has ended, the ring is all that remains.Deciding to sell your engagement ring after a divorce is hard, but doing so is symbolic of the fresh start to your life and will allow you to move on from the past.


We always advise people to only sell their engagement rings if they are fully ready. We understand that “the right time” to sell your ring can be different for different people. We all move on at our own pace, and for some, it’s more difficult than others.

To help you think about when the right time to let go of your ring might be, we have made this list of events following a divorce that we believe to be common milestones. Give them a read and start thinking about if selling your ring seems like the right next step:

After the move out

At the end of every relationship, sometimes one of you keeps the house while the other moves out. This is when the separation is official and the divorce process begins. If you’re the type of person who treats a break up like ripping off a bandage and just want to get it over with, this is a great time to get rid of your ring.

Selling the ring immediately will save you from having to debate if you’re ready to let go later on. Who knows how many hard moments you will save yourself from, or how many painful memories you won’t be reminded of.

As an added bonus, selling your ring now will mean that you have a little extra money for any expenses that the divorce process brings.

Once you have signed the divorce papers

The relationship may have been over for a while now, but once the papers have been signed the marriage is now legally considered to be over. The process of deciding who gets to keep what was challenging, but now it’s over and there’s a clear definition of what’s yours.

If you kept the engagement ring, this is a great time to sell it. Any money that you make from the sale is yours to keep, and at this point in your life, having a little extra to spend on yourself can help to relieve the stress of the divorce process.

Your first birthday after the divorce

It’s your first birthday since the divorce, and probably the first time you’ve been single for your birthday for a while. This day will mark the start of the first year after your divorce and gives you a great opportunity to start fresh.

If you have been struggling to move on after the divorce, this is a great time to re-invent yourself. Selling your ring is the first step in letting go of the past, and doing so on your birthday can be symbolic of your commitment to creating a new you in the next year of your life.

On the day that would have marked your wedding anniversary

A lot of people find that even after a divorce, they can’t seem to forget about their wedding anniversary. This used to be a day to celebrate your marriage, and now that the marriage is over, it’s just a reminder of what could have been.

If you still have your ring by the time your first anniversary as a divorcee comes around, this is a great time to sell it. Let this day serve as a reminder that it’s time to move on. Selling your ring is a great first step in doing this, but you should also set some goals to accomplish by your next anniversary to ensure you’re always making progress towards improving yourself.

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