What sets Farewell Diamond apart from other diamond buyers?

A majority of the diamond buyers that you will find online make money by re-selling your stone to a diamond wholesaler for a quick profit. To be successful with this business strategy, they must purchase and sell a large number of diamonds. This means that they have to buy your diamond at a very low price so they can offer the wholesaler a low price as well.

Almost all of the diamonds that we purchase go right into the inventory at our parent company, Long’s Jewelers. At Long’s, diamonds will be given a second life, worn by the fine people of the greater Boston area. This allows us to give you an offer based on the price we can sell the diamond for in our showcase as opposed to what price it could be sold to a wholesaler.

Our association with Long’s Jewelers truly sets us apart from the average diamond buying website. Combining the convenience of an online business and the resources of multiple brick and mortar locations allows us to offer the very best experience to you the customer.

What is Farewell Diamond’s affiliation with Long’s Jewelers?

Farewell Diamond is directly affiliated with Long’s Jewelers and its five retail locations in New England. For the past 135 years, Long’s Jewelers has been serving the fine people of Boston and the surrounding area. At Long’s, we have always purchased diamonds and pre-owned jewelry, but in recent years, we realized the need to expand our reach and provide everyone in America the expertise and fair business practices that Long’s Jewelers offers.

Hence we launched Farewell Diamond nation-wide as a Long’s Jewelers company. The Farewell Diamond team is made from some of the same dedicated employees and certified gemologists that make Long’s Jewelers the outstanding business that it is.

I’m nervous about selling my diamond online. Is it actually safe to send it to Farewell Diamond through the mail?

Our number one goal is to ensure that your diamond-selling experience is as safe and pain-free as possible. That is why we include multiple protective materials in the prepaid shipping package we send you, we pay to have the package insured by G4S, we video tape the unboxing process, we never remove a stone from its mounting, and we only allow trained gemologists to handle your item.

If you want some more information, you can click here to be redirected to our terms and conditions page.

If you plan on searching for other diamond buyers online, be sure to read our article on avoiding scams from the Farewell Diamond learning center

Why does Farewell Diamond use G4S to insure packages?

We choose to insure our packages through G4S, because it allows us to keep the contents of the package confidential from the shipping carrier company, Federal Express. This better protects your items and reduces the risk of theft.

How can I get the most for my diamond / jewelry?

You’ve come to the right place! Click here to take a look at our learning center article on how to get the most for your diamond.

Preparing your diamond for sale can also get you a better offer than if it’s sent in dirty. Click here to read our post on how to properly prepare your diamond for sale.

How will I be paid and how long will it take?

If you choose to accept our offer, we will mail a check out on the same business day that the confirmation email is received. Unfortunately, we are not able to wire transfer money; however, if you need the money quickly, we are able to provide overnight shipping upon request.

Can Farewell Diamond provide a diamond appraisal?

Yes. At Farewell Diamond, we will send you a value appraisal and estimate based on your diamond’s description. We provide this service free of charge before you even send your diamond in.

Can Farewell Diamond make an offer before sending in my diamond / jewelry?

In most cases, we will be able to provide you with an estimated price range based on your description of the diamond. The more you tell us, the more exact we can be.  However, that offer is based on an inspection of the piece in person and we only make a formal offer once our team of trained gemologists have thoroughly examined your stone or jewelry.

How do I find information on my diamond / jewelry?

If you have any of the original paperwork that came with your piece, such as a receipt, an insurance appraisal or lab certification report, you will find relevant information there. Any information you can find on your diamond will help us to give you a more exact appraisal before you send your item in.

Does Farewell Diamond buy precious metals such as gold, platinum, or silver?

Yes, we purchase other types of jewelry.  If you choose to sell your diamond ring or jewelry, the value of the metal in the piece will also be included in the offer.

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