Hi [your-name],

Thank you for submitting a request to Farewell Diamond. We’ll be in touch soon with either additional questions or an estimated value for your piece based on the description you provided and more information about how to send your piece or stone to us.

In the meantime, we understand how important it is to trust and know your buyer. So here are a few things we’d like for you to know about Farewell Diamond:

1) History of service

Farewell Diamond is a service offered by Long’s Jewelers, a family owned and operated jeweler founded in 1878. Long’s has five locations in New England, offers many of the world’s finest brands such as Rolex, and wins awards for quality and service year after year. We’ve even earned the coveted A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau. Sending us your jewelry is safe, insured and secure because our reputation is on the line.

2) History of paying top dollars

At Long’s and Farewell Diamond, we’ve been purchasing diamonds and jewelry from the public for generations. Our team of certified gemologists and appraisers will fully examine your item and make every attempt to pay you a great price which will make you happy. Unlike other online diamond or jewelry buyers who are middle men or “dealers,” we buy stones from you to sell to our customers directly. While others “flip” the jewelry or stones to wholesalers and can only pay you lowball prices, we gladly pay more to invest in quality items for our stores.

3) Belief in education

At Long’s and Farewell Diamond, we believe in educating you about your jewelry or diamond so you understand what drives the value. If you aren’t sure you want to sell, we won’t pressure you. We want you to be a happy customer who recommends us to others! That’s why we offer great educational articles, via our Learning Center. We hope you enjoy reading these!

Thanks for taking the time to request a quote and you’ll hear from us shortly,

The Farewell Diamond Team